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Polynite Tape

Polynite Tape Shipped by UPS Ground

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$ 135
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It is a tape made of plastic that can be used for various uses. Compared with the tape made of paper or cloth, this tape is stronger and durable.

Polyethylene adhesive tape for use in-home or office floor protection
★Less glue left after peel off ★No scissors needed ★Non-Toluene base glue used

1) Delivery possible to all customers in the continental USA excluding Alaska.
(We ship items by UPS ground. Please allow maximum 5 days for freight plus 2 days for preparation of sending items.)
2)Polynite Tape Pick up/Will call possible for Atlanta customers.
You can will call Polynite Tape after prepayment by credit card.
BNX Shipping, Inc. is our contracted warehouse in Atlanta /Forest Park, Georgia USA .
Your information will be sent automatically to the stock point and ready for you to pick up by appointment only.
Please note that BNX shipping,Inc. is a warehouse and they do not carry any information about Polynite Tape nor do they do any sales activity.
They are not able to accept any payments in order to release any product.
The product can only be released upon completion of the payment through this website.
Pick up address and contact information of BNX shipping Inc.
1) Atlanta
107 Forest Parkway Suite 300 Forest Park,GA 30297
Tel 404.766.0490

Pick up hours: 9am to 5pm (Please call Henry for Pickup appointment).

Note: minimum order quantity 1 box of 30 rolls.

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